I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe from OttawaPreowned over 2 years ago. The car has been great and has never given me any headaches. Beyond that, the experience I’ve received from Ottawa Preowned has been exceptional – if I’ve had any questions, Zak has always been available. Unlike some dealers that forget you exist after the sale is made. Moreover, I appreciate that he is quite clear on his listings that the price include Safety/e-Test. Many others tend to slap that on, after you’ve found a car you like in your budget. I do not appreciate this.

The one fundamental reason for which, I was convinced to buy from here – is that I’d had a conversation with Zak about what I was looking for in a car. I noticed a Honda Accord in his listings that I found appealing – rather than completing a quick sell, he actually discouraged me from going with that, and instead said he’d get me some thing that I would truly be happy in. And he definitely accomplished this …

If you are looking for a used car, just shop around and visit other dealers. And then come to OttawaPreowned, the difference in behavior you will notice and infer is night and day. I know it was for me, and I value someone that is transparent than not. Moreover, I noticed most people were interested to just sell me something from their lot, and talk as little as possible and not go into too much details on some of my questions. I can say for sure – this wasn’t the experience here.

Thanks Zak for helping me find a great car and going above and beyond with your patience in answering my questions ….