The entire weight of your car is being carried by your tires, thereby playing a vital role in its overall performance. By having regular tire checks, your service facility can look for faulty issues like under-inflated tires which can make your car unsafe while stopping. Underinflated tires also change the shape of the tires because they are flatter to the ground, causing the shoulders of the tire to wear prematurely. Overinflated tires are equally a problem, leaving the tires rigid and stiff with less tire to connect to the road. This leads to, not only a harder ride but uneven tire wear. By maintaining optimum air pressure, your car is safer, driving performance is improved, plus tire life and reduced fuel cost.

Your tire maintenance should include tire rotation. Tires wear differently on the front because of the scraping they receive as they turn to steer your car. To get the most out of your tires they should be rotated as recommended in your owner┬╣s manual. This will help make the tires wear more evenly, resulting in increased safety and consistency.