Many people do not actually realize what a car detail entails. The some that do, perhaps consider it a fancy word for an exterior car wash. However, a true detailing job is significantly more. Ottawa Pre-Owned prides itself on being the significantly more for your car! There is a day and night difference between what even a basic car detailing from Ottawa Pre-Owned can do for your car, compared to the generic car wash you might get at a gas station. Stop by – and we promise you that you will be convinced …

Before we dive into the specifics of what it entails, lets understand the motivations of why one would like to do a periodic detail of their vehicle:

  1. It increases the re-sale value of your car
  2. Gets rid of germs, dust and other unwanted inhabitants from your car. Even more important when you have kids!
  3. Leads to better preservation of your vehicle’s paint from natural elements
  4. Helps prevent rusting, due to salt build up
  5. Added road safety, by removing build-up from your front/rear and signal lights.

Now that we have a basic understand of the motivations to consider this service, the larger components of detailing with us include the following:

  • Waxing
  • Shampoo (exterior and engine)
  • Vacuuming, Carpet cleaning, Disinfecting the interior to get rid of germs, De-odourizing
  • Fabric Protector to minimize the damage of fluid spills
  • RIM shining, and de-salting

We promise, to treat every vehicle like our own. If after an initial inspection, we think the vehicle might take longer, to truly bring it back – we will give you a courtesy vehicle for a no cost.

When we begin working on a car, here is how we break-down our different stages of detailing.

  • Initially, the car undergoes a thorough exterior hand wash. We pride ourselves, on using only the best of chemicals for your
  • After the exterior wash, we clean your tire and RIMS, and take out any deposits, bringing back the RIMS to life. We also walk-around the entire exterior and start addressing minor rust spots that exist, either due to brake dust (immediately around the wheels) or just rust in general and we use specialized chemicals to help stop the continued increase of the rust spots/patches.wheel-2780071_1280
  • Next, we move on to addressing the interior detailing of your car. This includes a vacuuming of the seats, car mats etc. We also hand clean the interior that the vacuum is unable to get to: these are typically the air vents and other crevices on the dashboard. In-addition to this, the interior is shampooed and disinfected to mitigate the growth of germs and remove the existing
  • Finally, we wax the exterior of the car. We also make sure to truly address your windshield and windows during this process, as a job done well here, leads to beading of the water when it actually falls on the surface. This leads to far superior visibility in the rain, then when the water just streaks and accumulates on the windshield.rain-1851371_1280
  • If you go for the more premium package,  we will also buff out the exterior body to remove minor dents and scratches to rejuvenate your car body and make it look new again. This is significantly better than a touch-up paint job since it can lead to variation of colors and seem like a band-aid solution.